Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 2018

I love summer. June's been great. Favorite photographs that didn't have a spot in a larger post or article (or hint at a forthcoming story) and a recap of posts from the past month.

Photographs made with a Canon 7DMKII, Canon 60D, and iPhone X.

- Concourse A, CVG.

Started the month in Hawaii, the furthest place from Cincinnati I've ever been to, the closest I've come to leaving the borders of the United States. Will hopefully get around to some international travel one day. First time flying on a plane that had two aisles. Sat in the middle seat of the middle row. Should've taken a sleeping aid. Instead, I watched The Disaster Artist and got a lot of writing done.

- "Beaded Circle Crossing" in the Denver Airport.

Had the chance to see some of the Denver Airport's well known art collection. Wasn't in the right terminal for the pieces that spur conspiracy theories, though.

- Above Ohio, Colorado, and Hawaii.

-Abandoned bunker/pillbox on Oahu. Story soon.

- While sneaking into a Four Seasons hotel for coffee.

Hawaii was excellent. Finally was able to regularly post and update while traveling, although, Blogger doesn't work well with an iPad. One of these days I'll get around to converting this site to WordPress or Square. Need to figure out some other stuff in life first.

- Clouds above Cincinnati.

Mazunte in Madisonville has the best tacos, but it's always crowded. Even a carryout order requires wrangling with crowds and awkward exchanges at the salsa bar. Also: tacos don't keep well even on brief bike rides. Still delicious nonetheless.

- Enjoying tacos at the channels between Madisonville and Oakley.

- Norwood Delite Creamy Whip.

- Kings Island employees lining up for Metro's Rt. 72 service to the park.

- James, one of Downtown Cincinnati's best ambassadors.

- Finally had some time to get back to this place.

Have some interesting observations on my Waffle House. Working on wrapping that story up. Stay tuned.

- Bikes at Listermann Brewery.

Joined my friend Matt to meet some awesome folks and go on a bike ride across Cincinnati to sample various breweries and restaurants. I only made it to 4 out of the twenty-one stops, but it was a great twenty-three mile ride.

- Bikes at 50 West.

- A piece by Swoon at the American Sign Museum.

On June 24, I partnered with the wonderful American Sign Museum and Cincy Brew Bus to co-lead a bus tour of fading advertisements, local history, and local beer. We sipped brew from Taft's and Madtree while discussing how several of the city's ghost signs intersect with brewing history before stopping at Moerlein and Braxton. Also had a discussion about the Cincinnati Stingers, Cincinnati's abandoned subway, and other stories. Hopefully the feedback was positive and we'll be able to do it again sometime.

Also, as an aside, I love that the ASM made a painted sign to promote the tour. Hopefully it'll fade and wear down, becoming a meta version of ghost sign history.

- Mural outside of the American Sign Museum.

- Clay St. with the new Kroger tower going up.

- Greyhound bus terminal.

- Walnut St.

- Higher Love on an iPhone 4.

- Westerns on a tv in the lobby of one of the most interesting restaurants I've ever been to. Story soon. Maybe?

To close out the month last night, I had the opportunity to photograph an FC Cincinnati match from the field. It was interesting to shoot sports again for the first time in a few years and pretty incredible to be that close to the action, outside of the stands for once.

QC/D Updates This Past Month:

Hawaii | Four separate posts made while traveling across Hawaii's farmer's markets, beaches, big island, botanical gardens, parrot sanctuary, seahorse farm, and more. 

"Sawyer Point" | Exploring Cincinnati's older riverfront parks (often colloquially known as "Sawyer Point") with fellow photographers and reflecting on what these places symbolize to the city and myself.

Toynbee/House of Hades Tiles: An Update | A look back at one of my favorite QC/D stories of all time and how these cryptic street art tiles have fared over the last year. I have a piece of one on my desk. 

[Suburbia Lost] Toys "R" Us, TGI Friday's, and Michel Tires Plus - Springdale, OH | The latest Suburbia Lost story brings back memories for several commenters. A post about how some of Springdale's shopping centers are faring in the modern age, but not all hope is lost.

Payphones of Hawaii | An endangered species on the US mainland is still alive and well in Hawaii. Incidentally, all of these payphones are now owned by Cincinnati Bell and Metrobot's phone is still broken.

[Fading Advertisements] Fort Wayne and Angola, IN | A couple of interesting ghost signs from a recent road trip.

Some of the Coolest Thank-You Notes I've Ever Received | Got something super touching in the mail. 

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