Tuesday, September 17, 2019

[35mm Ohio] Canon Point-And-Shoot Part 2

Experimenting with a Canon AF35MII once more. Loaded with Kodak Ultramax 400, I forgot to change the ISO setting from "200." The lab was kind enough to "pull" the film a stop for me. Still fairly happy with how things turned out. While the first roll from this camera showed "Hell is Real" on the road, this roll shows "Hell is Real" at home.

- Southbound train on Walnut, Cincinnati.

- The building that 'changes color.'

- Longtime QC/D reader and wonderful bartender/friend—Susan—at The Bay Horse. 

- Meeting of the minds at The Bay Horse.
L to R: @taestell, @spinney, @pabst_benatar, @BobBrumberg, @jgk_1, @CincinnatiPhil, and @5chw4r7z.

- @pabst_benatar

- Southbank Shuttle.

- The Pepper Pod.

Hell is Real (at home this time) with Die Innenstadt:

- Mecklenburg Gardens.

- Mecklenburg Gardens.

- Mecklenburg Gardens.

- FCC fans prepare to march.

- Marching towards Nippert.

- Charlton St.

- The corteo.

- The corteo.

- The Bailey.

- Bob.

- Nippert Stadium.

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  1. Nice Shot, it reminds me pics I've seen of European soccer fans on their way to a match.

    1. That's awesome to hear. Glad it comes across that way, fan support for soccer here in Cincy has been unbelievable.