Wednesday, September 18, 2019

[35mm Ohio] Olympus Point-And-Shoot

From Cleveland to Cincinnati with a mid-90's automatic camera.

- Laura.

In the search for a decent film point-and-shoot to use, I ran tests with a Canon AF35MII in addition to an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170. Like a lot of my other film cameras, I got this one from my grandfather and remember him using it at a ton of family functions and gatherings.

- Via Olympus.

From what I can tell, this camera debuted sometime in the mid 90's and it has a decent following in film culture. I loaded it with Kodak Ultramax 400. Overall, it worked ok. I think I prefer the Canon, though.

- Shaker Heights.

- Beachwood.

Left Cleveland and went East to Beachwood and Bedford.

- Bedford.

The mid-century modern building seen above and below was a former donut shop and seafood place at various points before sitting idle.

- Bedford.

Down in Cuyahoga Falls, I swung by another modern architecture structure, this civic parking garage:

- Cuyahoga Falls.

- Cuyahoga Falls.

Its design and aesthetic look very similar to Cincinnati's downtown arena.

- Cuyahoga Falls.

I found both structures via

- Cuyahoga Falls.

In Akron, while photographing a bridge, the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad pulled up and disembarked passengers.

P.S. How is there not commuter rail between Cleveland and Akron?

- Akron.

- Akron.

- Akron.

The Rubber City also had interesting things on its walls…

- Luigi's pizza restaurant, Akron.

- Mural, Akron.

- Fake dart board, Akron.

…and before the light ran out, I swung by a set of hillside steps built by the Works Project Association during the Depression:

- Glendale Steps, Akron.

All before visiting the abandoned Innerbelt highway:

The Innerbelt was covered in more detail, here

The rest of the drive home was filled with public radio podcasts in the dark before Jeffersonville where I finished off the roll of film, got gas...

- Jeffersonville.

...and had dinner + dessert:

- Dinner, Jeffersonville.

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